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Photo by Jason Campbell
Premiere: Sam Seeger's "Doin' It All The Time" EP


Over the years he’s self-released his material, getting better and better as an artist with each and every release. Today we have the distinct honor of premiering his brand new 3-song EP Doin’ It All The Time and let me tell you, it’s his finest work yet.

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[New] Sam Seeger - "It's Alright"


Sam Seeger has returned once again with “It’s Alright,” the latest vicious ripper of a track from Rockland County’s finest.

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[New] Sam Seeger - "What's Happening"


Fellow Rockland County resident Sam Seeger has returned and blessed us with another great new song titled “What’s Happening” that is too good to ignore. The track runs by briskly at two-minutes in length, delivering classic rock vibes and vicious guitar riffs that are complimented with the work of New Myths‘ Rosie Slater behind the drum kit. 

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Premiere: Sam Seeger's "Empty Mind Man" Music Video


The crafty and stylish video features Seeger along with drummer Rosie Slater (of New Myths) and was directed by Seeger, allowing him to perfectly capture the dirty, gritty feel of the song. Seeger swiftly proves that not only is he a talent behind the guitar, but also behind the lens (along with his brother Ben Seeger).

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Introducing: Sam Seeger


It doesn’t take long for Sam to impress on the EP, with opening track “Drumbeat of the Apocalypse” flashing some serious riffs, very much in the league of Jack White’s early days with The White Stripes. 

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Introducing: Man From Glove


Man From Glove may be new to you, but let’s change that. The band hails from Palisades, NY (which is my neck of the woods in Rockland County) and features Sam Seeger (guitar & vocals), Jimmy McQuade (bass) and Raza Abdullah.  

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